Companies make billions in profits by using unfair and immoral business practices.
Inattentive customers often get lured in "awesome" deals that sometimes cost them fortune.


Be attentive when making a purchase.

  • Falsely advertised free items.
  • Fake discounts, bait and switch, overpricing.
  • Deceptive images, claims and labels.
  • Hidden fees, mislabeled items.
  • Cramming, two-part tariff.
  • Pay more, get less. Downsizing.
  • Delaying refunds and claims.
  • ... and many more unfair and immoral practices that companies could use to rip you off!


Be as transparent and honest as possible.

  • Have friendly and familial attitude.
  • Use clean and simple pricing schemes.
  • Make all prices final.
  • Do not use clickbaits.
  • Compensate customers for your mistakes.
  • Trade discounts in return for loyalty.
  • Give away stuff for free.
  • ... and dozens of simple things that could improve customer's satisfaction!